Sunday, April 13, 2014

Skab Leathworks and Forge?? My first forged knife

Well making knives is not why I started getting more into forge work....but I couldn't not make one or two right?? So this one started as an HC railroad spike. I really had no plan just heated it up and started to beat on it. And this is the shape that came out. Tapered the handle a bit to get a little more length out of it and then twisted. And had seen another somewhere that had a skull on the I had to try that as well. Heat treated in the forge and then tempered in an oven. So far it is holding a great edge, for a rail road spike at least.

Now stand by for the sheath/ display I plan to make for this thing. Something I've never seen, hope I can pull it off.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Adventures in Blacksmithing

Well, I went and done it. I've jumped in head over feet into Blacksmithing. I got interested in it first for my leatherwork....hence why I'm posting about it on my Blog!  Anyway, I was already forging little stuff with my coffee can forge, like d rings and what not. Well now I have Diamondback Ironworks 2 burner propane forge, a small 55 lb no name old as hell anvil and a 135 lb beast of an anvil....and a bunch of hammers and what not. Anyway, I kept telling myself I didn't want to make knives, as there are a ton of very good knife makers already out there and there is no way I want to try and be a great knife maker as well as a leatherworker.......wellllll, I have went and started to try my hand at it. And be able to offer a complete package made from me.

I have also really gotten into make useful hooks and what not, the wife even had me make her some new curtain tie backs...

Here a some random crappy pictures of stuff I have forged so far.

Anyway.....just wanted to give you all an update on what I have been doing with my time.