Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Battle Hatchet from Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works.

Had the pleasure of coming up with something to carry this beast in, this beast being a Battle Hatchet from Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works. He didn't want it tactical looking, said he liked that is what he got. This one was fun, as it's different from a lot of the other stuff I get to do. It can also be carried on a belt or lashed to a pack. Threw in some forged rings for good measure and a few copper rivets, cause those things don't come off!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sheath for Big Rock Forge (Scott Roush) blade

What an honor to hold such a beautiful pictures don't do it any justice. Scott is one hell of a knife maker and this blade is just awesome. I was asked to make a sheath for this knife, and that in itself is an honor being that John Cohea makes most of Scott's sheaths...

So being that knife is forged, and has a little wrought iron on the bolsters. I took a piece of wrought iron and make a concho for this sheath in my forge, as well an awl.