Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another take on an Otzi inspired sheath, with a MP Knives Otzi knife

My buddy Wayne sent me this beauty and told me to do my thing, he wanted to be able to wear it on his belt or neck carry. Other then that I was free to run with it. Like the first one I did for Croatoan I did some twining, like Otzi did when he made his back in the day. But, this go around I used elk rawhide cut into strips. I did it while wet and let it dry on a small rack of sorts over night and then trimmed to fit the sheath. Then made the rest of the sheath out of veg tanned covered in deer rawhide. I really like how this one turned out, so much I might have to make one for myself.

 As far as the MP Knives Otzi goes, that handle is badass. Super comfy. I might have to take a cue from it and make me a squared handled knapped knife. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Eric's Turley Big Piney Sheath

DCM got on the list for this sheath after seeing the one that I did for Kerri's Big Piney. Asked that it was along the lines of that sheath, but wanted a place for a ferro rod that was out of the way, a sewing awl and a big ole needle. As well as a ring to wear it with a dangler he already has if he wants and for it to ride low on his belt. Also something that had to do with owl's, hence the antler crown with the owl face.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Neck Sheath for Longrifle54

Longrifle54, happens to live in Nebraska. We have met a few times in person doing the muzzleloading thing.....he hit me up to make a sheath for a knife he was making....he got the knife done....and I finished up the sheath.

Here she is.. He wanted a forged ring for the neck lanyard (he said, "cause they look cool"), a hidden away ferro rod, and a big needle. (both hidden in the welt of sheath) And I thru in the forged awl, cause if you are going to have a needle, why not an awl as well. A small antler button, some buffalo hair and a couple beads with a badger claw finish it off.

SunnyBunny's MP Knives WSK sheath....aka his Tracker Packer

Sunny sent me his MP Knives WSK for a Tracker Packer set up after he saw Snake Eyes set up I made for him......so here is what he is getting.

Holds a forged awl, and a multi use chunk of metal (got the idea from Skog) Which is not only sharpened for use as a cutting tool, but is hardened as a flint and steel striker. And there is a big ole sail needle hidden in the back. The strap has a spot for a fire steel and a round sharpener that works great on the WSK style knives. A badger claw just cause, and a couple of copper rivets and some steel tacks to dress it up.