Friday, January 3, 2014

A discussion came up on BushcratUSA about Snap setting. And I wanted to show what I have been using for setting snaps and punch holes.

This 1 ton Arbor press. I picked up from Enco , here Enco Arbor Press. Mine is a Palmgren brand one, which comes with a 3/8" hole already drilled in one end of the ram and a couple dies that fit it. And the other end is soild.

Some guys are drilling them out themselves and adding a set screw. Or places like sell the mod already done to the press.

All I can say is that I love this arbor press it takes the worry out of setting snaps for me. Yes, places like Tandy do sell an actual press and set of dies for this purpose, but they are a lot more in the way of money to get going.

Some other uses are setting eyelets in kydex or leather, stamping leather. And you could of course use it to press in your wheel bearings!

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