In a effort to further evolve my work I gave it a go at a display and handling a blade. While it is just an old hickory knife, it is a very quality 1095 blade that holds a mean edge. And now looks freakin awesome (in my opinion). The scales are a coyote jaw, both sides. Bound together with deer rawhide, and also epoxied and pinned. It is very solid. And actually very comfortable to hold. The sheath is deer rawhide over veg tan cowhide. Brain tanned fringe, squirrel hide around the top. Plains style with the belt loop built into the sheath. To worn cross draw or behind the back. A few trade beads and coyote claws to round it out.

The base is a piece of cottonwood bark with deer antler attached to support the sheath and a forged steel stand for the blade. I'm really happy with how it came out. And to give credit where it is due, Mr. Cohea gave me this idea.

Now if I could just get better at taking the photos!